Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Presentation Storyboard

Motivating the Adult Learner

I.    Adults in Education
      A.  Who is Defined as a Adult Student
      B.  Adult Student Statistics

II.  Characteristics of Adult Learners
      A,  Lifestyles
      B.  Income
      C.  Education Level
      D.  Other Demographics

III. Adult Learning Styles
      A.  How do They Learn
      B.  Best Learning Environment
      C.  Teacher-Adult Student Relationship

IV. What Adult Learners Want to Learn
      A.  To Further Careers
      B.  Improve Income
      C.  Quality of Life

V.  Challenges for the Adult Learner
      A.  Job
      B.  Family
      C.  Physical/Health Issues

VI. Teaching Strategies for the Adult Learner
      A.  Interaction with Instructor
      B.  Interaction with Students
      C.  Projects, Assignments, and Lessons
      D.  Assessing the Adul tLearner

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  1. David,

    I can see where you are going visually with your outline. As in a number of cases, the graphics, video, pictures, etc., are endless. The Inspiration software program I use to graphically organize material does so automatically, and, at times, it can give less than a complete picture. That's not a problem for you in this case. While I've got the software to create a vault of video and pictures, my biggest problem is getting the images, video, etc., transferred to the blog site I'm using every week. I tried repeatedly to transfer my images and each time Google's server rejected them. It's a frustrating encounter, but at this point in the quarter I have to live with it.

    Incidentally, you can access my developing storyboard by simply following the link on the blog page. It takes you back to my Wiki, where the images are finally displayed. Sorry for the circuitous route.

    Keep up the good work!