Monday, August 15, 2011

My Video Presentation - Motivating the Adult Learner

Motivating the Adult Learner


  1. David,
    It looks very professional. You did a very good job. Motivating the adult learner is an important factor in the success of post secondary educational programs. Your video/power point brings out many interesting points.

  2. Hi David,

    There is no doubt from my vantage point that you touched on all of the salient points regarding the motivation for a distance education. But from a production video production standpoint, I believe your presentation would have benefitted immensely from an integration of sound, audio, and perhaps a little animation, if you had gone that route.

    You offered and presented some excellent information. I especially liked the statistics that buttressed and supported your position. But one of things I have learned over the years as a journalist is that no matter how good your information may be while you are presenting it to the public or audiences, you have to go beyond the routine slide approach and use graphics or illustrations. Your slides came off more like a PowerPoint presentation than a movie. It was an excellent report and contained some priceless information, but the production value was limited to slides that were admittedly relevant.

    You might want to take a look at some amateur and/or professional videos on YouTube that make liberal use of statistical material. These videos provide some excellent examples of how good videos are produced using lots of statistical information. Your information is unquestionably top shelf. In my view, that material just needs to a little umph and be packaged a little differently to remove the seemingly monotonous effect of looking at and listening to a long voiceover with slides.

    Excellent material!


  3. Hi David:

    I noticed you have included many video clips at the end of your presentation. Perhaps you could edit them into short bites and insert them in between your slides to emphasize your points. Your voice is consistent and easy to listen to. The material was informative and your opening screen was realistic.

    Let us know if you make any updates.

    See you on Skype, if the storm allows.